Life and Love

Photography can create beautiful visual stories 

that reflects your real beauty


I want to capture your LIFE AND LOVE as it is written. Whether you have fallen in love, are engaged, getting married, expecting your first child, completing a family or celebrating a special occasion; Life and Love is what you’ll want to look back on and remember. Photography can capture those moments and allow you to relive its feelings and emotions.  I think that is why photography is such a compelling art form.

Life and Love is what I see in your laugh, a smile, an embrace, a moment of surprise that catches you off guard.   It could be a day full of excitement, a time of anticipation and new beginnings, a moment of joy, or a moment of peace.

I love finding those unique moments occurring between you and your loved one(s) with my camera so every time you look back at them they evoke feelings and memories for you to cherish always. 


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